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THANK YOU. For Entering the BROADWAY DREAM VACATION SWEEPSTAKES! Shop NOW. Copyright 2021 BROADWAY RECORDS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Let s say you wanna test 3 sweepstakes offers, here s what their terms might look like Offer 1 only accepts AT T. Offer 2 accepts Verizon and T-Mobile. Offer 3 accepts all traffic. You would set up rules on Voluum to split the traffic to the different carriers. One grand prize free sweepstakes winner will receive $1,500 worth of toys and games, while three lucky sweepstakes runners-up will each receive a box of toys giveaway valued at more than $200 in the online contest! The Toy Insider Sweepstakes ends on Friday July 11, 2021 at 11 59 p.m. EST. T-Mobile Beyond the Bases Online Sweepstakes. Winloot Bonus Giveaway Sweepstakes also offers additional chances for players to win some loot while they re entering for chances to win the $500 Bonus Sweepstakes cash prize. This includes the $100 Instant Win scratch game where players can reveal cash prizes of $100, $25, $10, $5, or $1 by matching 3 numbers. Winloot Sweeps Winner Roundup May 2020 offers.winlootsweepstakes.com The month of May 2020, was off to an amazingly wonderful start for one super lucky Winloot sweeper. On May 4, 2020, John M. from Corpus Christi, Texas, won the fabulous $10,000 Winloot Sweepstakes Cash Prize! That s… Consider putting these elements into your background image Your brand s logo Your logo doesn t have to be front and center, but incorporating it helps with brand recognition. An image representative of your brand For example, if you work for a beer company, consider a frosty mug of one of your premium beers as a header image. Your fans and community Showing how people who are passionate about the brand are using the brand is a great sales tactic. Think about it. Have you ever met a college student who got rich investing in mutual funds or his employer s 401 k ? How about the guy who bought municipal bonds in 2006 and retired in 2009? I wonder if that guy driving a $1.2-million car can because of his well-balanced portfolio of mutual funds? While Tumblr is overwhelmingly a platform ripe for jabs, right hooks are possible. Just keep them very, very quiet. Every now and then, add a link to the bottom of your content that directs users to your Web page or retail site. If your content is as good as it should be, people will be thrilled to see that they can purchase your cool product or service. In addition, as with all platforms, keep an eye out for future opportunities to convert the sale. Even if you don t feel like Tumblr is an optimal site for you, it s better to get there early and get comfortable so that by the time your competitors recognize that they ve been missing out on an opportunity, you ve cornered the market. Market research and social media choices for business-to-business B2B markets are somewhat different from business-to-consumer B2C markets because the sales cycle is different. Usually, B2B companies have a longer sales cycle, high-ticket purchases, and multiple people who play a role in closing a sale consequently, B2B marketing requires a different social media presence. Sixteen tips

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