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I meant to get this on here last night but the damn pen worked to good and I fell asleep playing Madden in my recliner. Here are some Pictures of the Kandy Pen Mini in action. I aint much of a writer so I will get straight to the pros and cons. After I say Thank you one more time to The Vape Critic… Vape critic for me was the first sources of reviews about vaporizers and this forum had help me make better choices about picking my vapes. For me having vapes and talking about vapes its becoming like a hobby and people around me dont want to listen to me speak that much about this subject so this forum works for a great release. Firefly2 Giveaway to Glow Your Mind. WIN THE VAPORIZER THAT CRITICS ARE … The Vape Critic Quits!!!!!! come join us for our weekly chat, where this week are talking giveaways, quitting, coronavirus, modpods and fat rips! The Vapium Summit is a nice little vape, and at $150 it s definitely one of the best values you ll find.. It s a portable herbal vaporizer and it s small, lightweight, and feels fairly well-made. It s not very elegant or luxurious, but it doesn t feel cheap or cheesy either. All materials used in its construction as with all good vapes are food-safe and medical grade. Shane loved trying to find the hardest way down the mountain, says Scott Gaffney. It was almost a compulsion Seek out impossible spots and dream up ways to navigate further. In that way he was literally a visionary he just saw things other people didn t. LACOSTE Interrupting Its Own Conversation FIGURE 7-1 Correlating an activity timeline with key performance indicators provides useful information. Collaborate Your choices are made in a moment, but their consequences will transcend a lifetime. MJ DeMarco

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