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New York law requires sweepstakes rules to include The official rules and regulations of the promotion. The minimum number and value of prizes to be won over a stated period of time and geographic area. N.Y. Gen. Bus. Law 369-e 2 . To show the state you have fulfilled your obligations and adhered to sweepstakes law, all sponsors who bond and register in the state of New York must submit a certified winners list to the state to close out the registration and terminate the bond within 60 days of determining the winner s . Office of the New York Attorney General. The State Capitol. Albany, New York 12224. 1-800-771-7755. www.ag.ny.gov. No Purchase Necessary! It is illegal for a sweepstakes to require you buy a product or make a donation. Be Wary of Claims of Huge Cash Awards and Prizes — If it looks to good too be true, it probably is too good to be true. The registration simply means that you must make the state aware of your promotion in writing. When you run a sweepstakes in New York, if the total value of the prizes exceeds $5,000 you must register and bond your sweepstakes no later than 30 days prior to the start date of your sweepstakes. There is also a filing fee that must be paid. New York sweepstakes law regulations require that sweepstakes operators that offer contest prizes that, in the aggregate, exceed $5,000 during the contest term file a Games of Chance Registration form the Form with the New York Department of State thirty 30 days before the start of the applicable sweepstakes promotion. nuclear power plant He couldn t see beyond his own windshield. Is this a small choice? A treasonous choice? A choice of significant horsepower? Now, with the evolution of data science and networked computers, insurance is facing fundamental change. With ever more information available including the data from our genomes, the patterns of our sleep, exercise, and diet, and the proficiency of our driving insurers will increasingly calculate risk for the individual and free themselves from the generalities of the larger pool. For many, this is a welcome change. A health enthusiast today can demonstrate, with data, that she sleeps eight hours a night, walks ten miles a day, and eats little but green vegetables, nuts, and fish oil. Why shouldn t she get a break on her health insurance? Duration God is in the details

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