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Pokemon Deposited Finneon Level 1 Gender Male, Dream ball Message I want to fill my Pok dex. Question What shiny would you like me to give away next? Ho-oh, most definitely! Thanks for the giveaway Please deposit only the following Pokemon Finneon. Please deposit BEFORE commenting! 2. Please set your message to I want to trade for one of your precious Pokemon you ve given a nickname to. 3. In your reply, please include you IGN and the level and gender of your Finneon. 4. Please level lock to 91 to reduce the chance of getting sniped. 5. If you get sniped, I will give you 10 minutes to respond to my message and deposit another. What you do Deposit a Magnemite Finneon on GTS before commenting. Ask for Primarina. Gender lock to female. Level lock to 91 or higher! This should help prevent some sniping. Comment using the template provided. g Finally got ahold of a shiny bisharp so giving away all the good 4-6IV breedjects plus some others Anythings fine to send me, eggs, other breedjects, trade evos . No limit on requests, just let me know what you want in a reply and ill ask for a code so you know im ready! Going until we clear out! cg Hello, all! To celebrate the end of a very questionable year, I ve decided to give out 10 Shiny Living Dex s to end off the year on a high note. All these Pokemon will be hacked, but legal, and will include every Pokemon from Gens 1 through 7 including all form variations, like Vivillion, Unown, etc . Concierge service, 250 Employers are already overdosing on our data. They re busy using it, as we ve seen, to score us as potential employees and as workers. They re trying to map our thoughts and our friendships and predict our productivity. Since they re already deeply involved in insurance, with workforce health care a major expense, it s only natural that they would extend surveillance on a large scale to workers health. And if companies cooked up their own health and productivity models, this could grow into a full-fledged WMD. Parson Correctional Center You must enter in least one contact method. When J. Darius Bikoff founded Glaceau Vitamin Water in 1996 and 11 years later Coca-Cola offers him $4.1 billion for the company, the offer makes headline news around the world. What doesn t? The 11 years of struggle forged by a sharpened process. The billion-dollar offer is the event-the process is the struggle and the backstory.

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