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r looking for a iron barbs Ferrothorn in USUM. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Like I said yesterday in my anouncement, it has finally happened, I hatched a shiny Pok mon! I got 30 clones of this Blue Ferroseed, one of them will hold a gold bottlecap and whoever receives that will get an automatic reservation in a future giveaway if I m ever gonna do another one P Hey, everybody! It s 0kamii, and today I m picking up the scraps and hopefully sending my friends here off to a good home. As we close in on the newest Amethyst 0mega giveaway, I just wanted to send t All have 5 IV s and relaxed nature with leer, Dragon breath, focus punch and counter. You may request a female for breeding purposes, I will accommodate as best I can while supplies last. you may not request a specific IV. Please format requests as Male Female, LC, Ability. Okay we are back in business. To celebrate my 3DS working again I will be doing a give-away of a random shiny pokemon from one of my shiny boxes. The pokemon will be picked randomly. If you want a chance of winning this pokemon the following rules apply. – Must have liked The Oras- X y Giveaway Company page – Comment a number between 1 and 9000 analytics Establishing group guidelines A certain coyness or diffidence seems to have descended on American politicians. American academics and journalists freely discuss America s problems and weaknesses. But in the years since the Vietnam War ended, the American voter has shown a disinclination to listen to their political leaders when they debate the hard issues. Perhaps for this reason, neither the Republican nor the Democratic Party has focused on the urgent need to cut down deficit spending, especially on welfare, to increase savings and investments, or, most crucial of all, to improve America s school system to produce workers who are able to compete internationally. 22 Some of the benefits of Periscope follow Share an event as it happens. You can livestream a keynote address, a musical performance, or the office holiday party. Make sure you have permission, though, because copyright laws are still in effect. Use different methods to take video. Use a drone, a digital camera, or GoPro to livestream video. Take your audience to new heights, and don t rely solely on your smartphone. Draw on the screen. Periscope Sketch enables the user to draw onscreen as the livestream is taking place to better highlight an area or illustrate a point. Sketches are a temporary part of the video, lasting only a few seconds. Save and upload your video to another platform. Although video lasts for only 24 hours on Periscope, you can save the video to upload it to a more permanent platform, such as YouTube. Engage with your customers and community. You can see community reactions as they happen and respond in kind. Enjoy an unlimited video length. Livestream for as little or as long as you like. The only thing that s stopping you is your smartphone s battery life. Reach a new demographic on a new platform. Attract new customers from the Periscope community. Cost of banners to reach 1,000 people

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