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Shiny Espurr Giveaway. To celebrate getting my pokeball flair after peeking in and out of this sub for so long I m going to be giving away a shiny Espurr! I ve used a RNG to give me a number between 1-999, first person to get the correct number gets the wee pink bear! IV s all best except speed. Hatched by me on Sept 12th. Details on the Shiny Espurr Egg Star Shiny Female 5 IVs Timid Dusk Ball Ability Keen Eye How to Join PM me your IGN so we can set up a trading time. Make the subject Shiny Egg Giveaway so I can differentiate right away between PM s. I will be trading in order of who PM s me, so first come first serve! GTS Giveaway of SHINY Espurr, female Meowstic, and male Meowstic! ALL SHINY! I deposit on a countdown via chat. I am asking for Zubat, you can catch them in the following locations Diglett s … This first giveaway will be featuring a shiny espurr egg. I will not allow double-dipping, as I would like as many people as possible to receive their own egg. This giveaway was made possible by cloning services at C.E.A.L. thanks Starshower ! . The egg was also legit-checked by Puglia77 a while ago, so it is completely legitimate! Yoo what is up Pie Nation and Welcome King Sr Pie here and today im Finally Got the the point where i can giveaway my extra shinys. I have been wanting to do… It also wouldn t be too hard to lower costs. One approach already gaining popularity is to lower the percentage of tenured faculty, replacing these expensive professors, as they retire, with cheaper instructors, or adjuncts. For some departments at some universities, this might make sense. But there are costs. Tenured faculty, working with graduate students, power important research and set the standards for their departments, whereas harried adjuncts, who might teach five courses at three colleges just to pay rent, rarely have the time or energy to deliver more than commodity education. Another possible approach, that of removing unnecessary administrative positions, seems all too rare. This isn t a student but the instructor! Are you freaking kidding me? How can this man effectively teach a class called Healthy Nutrition Eat Your Way to a Beautiful Body when he is not a model of his teaching? How can anyone take him seriously? Bewildered at the hypocrisy, you leave the class and head to the bursar s office, intent on getting a tuition refund. Over time, look for AOL to integrate its incredibly powerful asset to become a major provider of life insurance, financial services, real estate, and other products with high profit margins taking the place of high cost of sales. The scene we just described can be observed in a hilarious video courtesy of , a price comparison website in the United Kingdom that helps consumers save money across banks, insurers, credit cards, energy suppliers, and more https watch?v DaP9sN67QKI . Here are some tips for creating a successful Twitter campaign Plan a follower strategy. Determine the types of people you want to follow and have follow you in return. Consider a mix of people who are customers, have the potential to be customers, and work in similar jobs, as well as brand accounts that may have a tie-in with your community. For more on this topic, see the section Finding the Right People to Follow , earlier in this chapter. Plan a content strategy. Think about the types of tweets you want to post each day. Consider a mix of humor, news, questions, retweets, and a few promotional tweets with or without links. Plan a hashtag strategy. Hashtags can be a lot of fun. You can have a regular hashtag chat see Book 4, Chapter 5 to learn more about hashtag chats or use a hashtag in contests, news, and updates about your brand and more. Plan for at least a couple hashtag updates per day. See the earlier Using the hashtag section for details. Don t make every tweet a sale. Plan a balanced content strategy so that your tweets feature more than selling. Perhaps publish two links or sales for every ten tweets. Don t make every tweet about your brand. Share non brand-related thoughts and ideas so as not to make everything about you. Ask questions. Ask questions not only about your products and services, but also about news items, trending topics, and topics geared toward individual members of your community. Share other people s stuff. Share links to blog posts, images, news articles, and videos by a variety of people. With all that said, don t be afraid to share your own stuff. There s no shame in sharing your own blog posts, news, and even links to sales and discounts. Again, it s all about balance. Think outside the box. Think about ways to reach your community on Twitter that are different from the same old, same old. Plan content or campaigns that few people are using. Research some unique ways brands are using Twitter, and then put your own spin on them. For more on researching brands, see Chapter 1 of this minibook. Use Twitter with other platforms. Plan content and campaigns that span the platforms. Use teaser tweets to draw attention to blog posts or Facebook content, for example. For more on marketing with Facebook, see Book 5, Chapter 1 . Call out your community. If someone in your community has a milestone, offer public congratulations. Wish happy birthdays and anniversaries, and offer condolences or congratulations. Don t forget to use the reply so that the other party knows you re offering good wishes. Seek assistance. If you have any technical questions or would like recommendations on the latest gadgets and gear, reach out to your community. Try to have at least one question per week because your community appreciates seeing your human side. Create discount codes for your community. Although you don t want to be spammy, offering perks to your community is a nice gesture. Why not create discount codes for only your Twitter members to thank them for their support? Try for at least one discount per month.

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