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Shiny Azumarill Party! D. Giveaway nsfw. Close. 11. Posted by u deleted 5 years ago. Archived. Shiny Azumarill Party! D. Giveaway nsfw g EDIT Closed, thanks to everyone who showed up! Everyone gets up to 15 guesses to guess the Pokemon. You don t have to use all 15 but I wanted to give you more opportunities. Here s a hint – there are 154 water Pokemon BUT only 82 dual type water Pokemon aka this shiny is probably dual type SO. Here s the kicker. You have to rank them counting down 15-1 like this feel free to copy and paste my comment below Shiny Azumarill also has a 2 percent chance of appearing in five-star raids. Compared to players only being able to encounter Magikarp in raids, regardless of the rarity, and not even being able to catch them, this is an instant improvement. Shiny Yes EVs 252 Atk 4 Def 252 Spe Jolly Nature – Meteor Mash – Zen Headbutt – Hammer Arm – Ice Punch Tyranitar M Chople Berry Ability Sand Stream Shiny Yes EVs 248 HP 252 Atk 4 Def 4 SpD Adamant Nature – Stealth Rock – Crunch – Stone Edge – Earthquake Azumarill M Sitrus Berry Pokemon ORAS Giveaway Shiny Cresselia Lvl 50 Shiny Surskit Lvl 5 Shiny Greninja Lvl 36 Shiny Gengar Gamestop Lvl 25 Shiny Virizon Lvl 50 Shiny Metagross Steven s Lvl 67 … Friend Safari Water, Pokemon are Krabby, Gyrados and Azumarill. M. Myuu New Member. Oct 18, 2015 14 I would like a charizardite Y or shiny Virizion if you still have … Choose a compelling cover frame I wasn t even done talking and she was already struggling to button her coat. If you won the lottery, you d quit your job because indentured time is no longer required and is suddenly replaced with free time. Money buys free time and eliminates indentured time . However, the irony of your free time is it isn t FREE it s bought and paid for by your indentured time. You enjoy a two-week vacation because it was paid for by a year of indentured time. You can relax with a cold beer on the couch because you paid for it earlier in the day with eight hours of indentured time. Indentured time becomes the ransom of your free time . I don t care, Roy said. Call the law. Fuck you, fuck Andre, and fuck the police. Andre struggled to free himself, but Roy, as if to underscore his point, delivered a close-fisted blow. Andre shut his eyes but didn t cry out. https webmasters answer 35291

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