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Lubing Feker Panda Tactile switches for a client friend. Qwerkeys Artisans Keebs is live now. 1 hr . Gonna lube some tactile switches. You can comment !notify might giveaway 30 discount coupon on our Artisan Keycaps, Cheers! Enter coupon code BFCM14 for 5 off any order! In addition to the coupon, ALL orders will receive a free key cap puller. Also, ALL Ducky Mini orders including YOTH will include a free Ducky Mini keyboard carrier. This coupon and specials expire Monday at midnight CST . 176 votes, 30 comments. 785k members in the MechanicalKeyboards community. Keyboard lovers Clicking and Clacking in a content rich, friendly place Brand new! Check out the Filco x MK Frozen Llama Keyboard Cleaning Brush! Features 30mm bristles made of 100 horse hair Wooden handle… Matches FrozenLlama setup Exclusively available at MK Qwerkeys I d personally get the Qwerkeys one as there are extra switches and it s very nice when put together, but if you d rather spend less or get the switch sampler now the Qwerkeys one is out of stock the Max Keyboard one is $9.99 normally and $5.99 until Monday with their discount code. Social media is a long-term commitment. Other than little experiments or pilot projects, don t bother starting a social media commitment if you don t plan to keep it going. Any short-term benefits you see aren t worth the effort you have to make. I understand what you re saying and I understand what you re not saying. Are you ashamed of me? You are, aren t you? You can t go to the National Portrait Museum and tell them that your husband is in prison. You could , actually, but you won t . I empathize it s a lot to get used to. Before, we were living that Huxtable life. But now where are we? I know where you are and I know where I am , but where are WE? And wherever group flow shows up, it leaves its mark. The same pleasure chemicals behind individual flow also arrive with the group variation only we seem to like them more. In comparison studies run by St. Bonaventure University psychologist Charles Walker, solitary flow what Doug Ammons experienced on the Stikine was measured against coactive flow this comes from individual activities done in groups, like surfers sharing a break was measured against interactive flow where interaction is inherent to the activity, like rock climbing with a partner . Walker discovered that the more social an activity, the higher flow enjoyment the level of joy experienced in flow was for participants. But now try and think from the ASI s perspective about its makers attempting to change its code. Would a superintelligent machine permit other creatures to stick their hands into its brain and fiddle with its programming? Probably not, unless it could be utterly certain the programmers were able to make it better, faster, smarter closer to attaining its goals. So, if friendliness toward humans is not already part of the ASI s program, the only way it will be is if the ASI puts it there. And that s not likely. Sign up today and I will send you a free PDF copy of my report, 10 Essential Elements for Facebook Page Branding.

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