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GIVEAWAY IS OVER VIEW THE LATEST HERE http ow.ly GjtExWelcome to Shiny Sunday Season 2. A series where I go out hunting for Shiny Pokemon and give it away… Pokemon X and Y is offering a new promotion that will allow fans to download rare shiny legendary Pokemon. The Inquisitr reports the new Shiny Pokemon will look exactly like the regular models in the games except their colors will be different. Must recieve Pokemon on X or Y. No giveaway blogs. One type 3 Pokemon per winner! You cannot mix and match. All winners must respond to my first message within 24 hours. Because there will be so many winners, I won t be doing first place gets first pick . Who ever responds first with their pick will get it. What you have to do to enter! 1.Subscribe2.Comment and say I subbed or im already subbed3.Also in comment say which one you want Remoraid Or Whiscash Also le… While fans still have a while to go before the release of Pokemon X and Y, shiny giveaway events in the UK will help the wait by distributing shiny Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina at various GAME stores. Wikipedia Traditional marketing has the consumer at its mercy. Marketers can send ads as often as they can afford to. With permission, the tables are turned. Consumers can cancel permission at any time. As an example of unintended consequences, Oxford University ethicist Nick Bostrom suggests the hypothetical paper clip maximizer. In Bostrom s scenario, a thoughtlessly programmed superintelligence whose programmed goal is to manufacture paper clips does exactly as it is told without regard to human values. It all goes wrong because it sets about transforming first all of earth and then increasing portions of space into paper clip manufacturing facilities. Friendly AI would make only as many paper clips as was compatible with human values. As I streamlined my processes and systems, a slow and steady transformation took place. I worked less and less. Suddenly, I worked an hour a day instead of ten. Yet, the money rolled in. I d go to Vegas on a gambling spree the money rolled in. I d be sick for four days the money rolled in. I d day trade for a month the money rolled in. I d take a month off the money rolled in. I chuckled with her, but I felt sorry, thinking about my mama back in Louisiana who was always complaining about her arches. She claimed it was because of the high heels she wore on Sundays, but it was really from being on her feet all day, fixing trays at the meat-and-three.

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