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Gift Cards. Give the Gift of Your Pie! Now You Can Give The Gift of Your Pie! Why not reward yourself or give the gift of Your Pie? We are excited to announce our new gift card program. Click the Purchase Gift Cards link below to get yours today! Purchase Gift Cards. eGift Card – Delivered via email and is also printable if you prefer to hand deliver them. They will be emailed from egift cardfoundry.com. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam junk folder. Physical Card – Standard gift cards, shipped by mail. Please allow 5-7 business days for standard delivery. Give them the gift of choice with a Pie Hole gift card. Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our online gift cards have no additional purchase or processing fees and never expire. Step 1 Select a Value. $10.00 $25.00 $50.00 … gThankYou! Pie Gift Certificates are a fun and valued employee gift! Good for any brand of pie, cake, cheesecake or similar items fresh from the bakery section or frozen. Redeem at virtually any U.S. grocery store chain. Your organization name printed on Certificates. Free! FREE Enclosure Cards with your custom message and logo if desired . Purchase eGift Card . Pie it Forward for the Holidays. Buy $50 and Give 2 Pizzas to Healthcare Providers or Receive a $10 Bonus Card. Please let us know via our Contact Us if you would like the $10 Bonus Ecard instead of donating 2 Pizzas to Healthcare Providers. Note Bonus cards for our gift card promo will be emailed to the I nodded. In a way, I guess. I almost added that an artist can only be so famous in America, but I didn t want to sound jealous or petty. I added, I m real proud of her. One G is the force of Earth s gravity the force that determines how much we weigh. Formula One drivers, when cornering, pull two. Astronauts, on takeoff, suffer three. Most people black out at five. The four Gs that Way experienced equate to more than 800 pounds of added pressure all supported by a shattered limb. Voice Society has conditioned us to believe that wealth is an absolute construct perfected by material possessions. In fact, I ve had to tailor the hook of this book to society s definition of wealth over the real definition. Why the misdirection? Like Pavlov s dogs, you ve been trained to respond to it. You see, society has done a fabulous job of defining wealth for you, and unfortunately, they again have misled you. But don t worry if you want luxury, the Fastlane can deliver. To increase their chances Omohundro, Stephen, The Basic AI Drives, November 11, 2007, http selfawaresystems.com 2007 11 30 paper-on-the-basic-ai-drives accessed June 21, 2011 . It has a model of its own programming Omohundro, Stephen, Foresight Vision Talk Self-Improving AI and Designing 2030, January 21, 2008, http selfawaresystems.com 2007 11 30 foresight-vision-talk-self-improving-ai-and-designing-2030 accessed June 22, 2011 .

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