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Gift cards are the perfect way to reach new markets or reward existing loyal customers. Give Plastic Resource a call at 833-290-5684 or contact us about getting gift cards encoded for your MICROS Systems POS. Get an Instant Quote. Request Free Samples. On Premise Gift Cards, Vouchers, Meal Plans and Loyalty Programs . Micros Retail Systems offers a full-featured centralized database allowing you to recognize and reward your core customers, track and manage On Premise Gift Cards, Vouchers, Loyalty Programs, Employee, Guest Meal Plans and now Delivery. A flexible platform that powers restaurant loyalty software, gift cards, and manages awards to retain customers. Oracle MICROS Gift and Loyalty is fully integrated with Oracle MICROS Simphony POS to enable fast implementation of proven, business-building strategies based on stored value, loyalty, and promotions management. By utilizing MICROS Employee ID Cards for your operating system, you are diminishing the chance of fraud within your business. With each MICROS Employee ID card, identification remains secure and personalized to an individual employee. We have been an industry leader for MICROS Employee ID Cards for over a decade. With a new wave of technology affecting all forms of business, the Micros Gift Card Program provides more ways to gift and pay! From digital gift cards, e-wallet, and mag cards, choosing a gift card program that works with your POS system will help switch up how customers send gifts to their loved ones, while also providing other ways for them to pay. The Logo Company, a company that you guessed it exists purely to design logos for businesses, has done extensive research on the different emotions and personality traits that different colors reflect. As always, include a link to your primary website and use some of your preferred search terms in your postings and profiles. If these sites have blogs or accept photos, video, or music, you can syndicate that type of content to many sites simultaneously. Purchase Rewards These offers pay the consumer when he buys a product. These usually require a credit card. It s scary, but it s true You can rent the name and address of every woman in New York City who has a permit to carry a gun. Then you can filter this data further to produce a list of those women who have a child in private school. Or who live in a building with a high likelihood of tenants who stay in first-class hotels when they travel. Want a list of dental floss users? Not a problem. You can even buy them by brand! 2001 A Space Odyssey

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