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Offer code will be applicable on Airport to City rides in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad Bangalore cities only All users who fulfill the offer conditions will get a flat 10 discount up to Rs.100 on Airport to City ride fare. This offer is valid where Meru is operational. Meru Cabs Coupon Codes. Verified Today. Meru Cabs is Offering 10 Paytm Cash when you Transact Using Paytm Wallet. No minimum Transaction amount is required. Maximum cashback of Rs 100 can be availed. This is Valid for 5 transactions per user. The mobile number needs to be verified to be eligible for cashback. Here is the Meru cabs number, make sure to add the STD code before dialing the number. 4422 4422 is the number for Meru and the same can be used for Meru cabs Delhi number as well. Unlike other taxi service, Meru cabs offer you a plethora of cabs, like Radio Taxi, Sedan, Hatchback, SUV, and Outstation. Meru Cabs Mumbai is offering flat 50 discount on first free ride for Mumbai users. Use this promo code to get a maximum discount of Rs 150. Download the app and apply this code while booking Meru Cab in Mumbai and get awesome savings on your pocket. Book using HappySale Meru Cabs coupons and get discount. Flat 50 Off On First Meru Ride Udaipur Ride Book your first Meru ride via Meru Cabs app to earn instant 50 off upto Rs. 150. Use the Meru Cabs coupon code at checkout… The previous three chapters all help you to establish the baseline for your brand storytelling strategy. In Chapter 1 , you went on a journey of self-reflection by identifying your macro story that defines who you are and what differentiates you. In Chapter 2 , you stepped outside of your box to understand how customer, brand, industry, and cultural insights shape your brand storytelling goals and overall strategy. Then in Chapter 3 , you went on a creative adventure down the storytelling rabbit hole to brainstorm and map out the types of stories your company could be telling. Here s a dramatic case in point. Jack Dongarra, a researcher at Tennessee s Oak Ridge National Lab and part of a team that tracks supercomputer speed, determined that Apple s best-selling tablet, the iPad 2, is as fast as a circa 1985 Cray 2 supercomputer. In fact, running at over 1.5 gigaflops one gigaflop equals one billion mathematical operations, or calculations per second the iPad 2 would have made the list of the world s five hundred fastest supercomputers as late as 1994. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your 140 characters Make every word count. Use words that show an action or make an impact. Avoid filler words, such as that. Use short words when at all possible. Try short, eye-catching words over longer words. Just about every big word has a shorter counterpart. Punctuation matters. You may be tempted to skip your periods and commas to fit in more characters. Run-on sentences don t look pretty, and they re hard to read. Do your best to use proper grammar and punctuation. Use humor. Do you know what gets lots of retweets and responses? A funny tweet. That isn t to say every post needs to be slapstick, but don t be afraid to say something funny now and again. Your community will enjoy it. Get to the point. Don t take the scenic route get right to the point. You have only 140 characters to work with, so say what you have to say without mincing words. Grammar counts. Don t use poor grammar simply because you think it fits the tweet. Grammatical errors turn people off from wanting to do business with you because they feel you re unprofessional. Use sentence case. All uppercase letters make people feel as if you re yelling at them, and all lowercase letters look as if you re too lazy to press the shift key. Make a good impression by rocking the uppercases and lowercases. Give value. Being silly and fun on Twitter is okay, and it s fine to say something frivolous, as well. Just be sure to add value into the mix. If you re using Twitter to promote your business, share your expertise, as well. Don t always make it about you. Don t make every tweet about you or your business. Visit with your community. Participate in other conversations, ask questions, and share links to other people s stuff. Don t break up your tweets. Be careful dividing up tweets to continue a thought. A lot of people will see only the first or second half of the tweet and have absolutely no idea what you re talking about. It s okay to use characters. Even though we discourage text speak, feel free to replace the word and with an ampersand . Replacing a word with an accepted character isn t considered unprofessional. Optimize your Instagram bio, add a profile photo that fits a circle Baseball also has statistical rigor. Its gurus have an immense data set at hand, almost all of it directly related to the performance of players in the game. Moreover, their data is highly relevant to the outcomes they are trying to predict. This may sound obvious, but as we ll see throughout this book, the folks building WMDs routinely lack data for the behaviors they re most interested in. So they substitute stand-in data, or proxies. They draw statistical correlations between a person s zip code or language patterns and her potential to pay back a loan or handle a job. These correlations are discriminatory, and some of them are illegal. Baseball models, for the most part, don t use proxies because they use pertinent inputs like balls, strikes, and hits.

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