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Gift certificates are usually in landscape orientation, around 8 x 3.75 inches in size. Larger certificates are 8.5 x 4 inches, and smaller ones are 3.5 x 2 inches. Gift certificates are larger than gift cards and printed on paper or thicker card stock. Log into Visme and create a new project. Find the gift card templates under the Printables section. Upload your logo, add your business name and enter the dollar amount your gift card is worth. Customize the fonts and colors to match your brand. Step 1 Enter the design center of Drawtify online gift card creator, click gift card on the left, select the desired gift card in the template library, and then click the gift card template to enter the design editing page. Or directly create a blank file to start. Create Beautiful Gift Cards in a Snap. No need for a graphic designer to create beautiful certificates. You can design it all by yourself. All you need is Crello a powerful, easy-to-use visual editor that will put your ideas to life. ASI, see artificial superintelligence One of the easiest ways to judge what type of content will work for your business on YouTube is to search for and study other popular videos within your business niche, and use them as inspiration – make yours better in every way. That aside, here are an additional selection of popular video idea strategies Responding to Tweets I consider real estate Wealth 1.0, and for it to be Fastlane requires effort and manipulation of the Five Commandments. Namely, are you a real estate investor because of need or because it s just something you know? A successful real estate investor flips a house because it needs rehab. A successful real estate investor develops an apartment complex because the neighborhood needs it. The Electric Factory Group, 207 208

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