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There are four ways to load your Netspend Visa Prepaid Card or Netspend Prepaid Mastercard in-person reload at a partner Reload Location, via direct deposit, by money transfer, or through a mobile check load. We provide more details about each method below. Direct deposit is another way for you to load money onto your Netspend Prepaid Card. With this method, certain payers can deposit money directly onto your card without writing you a paper check. You can use direct deposit for paychecks, tax refunds and government benefits. A cardholder may receive an unlimited number of Refer-a-Friend rewards while program is available. No reward will be credited to either party if referred individual had another Netspend managed program card that was used for a value load, purchase, cash withdrawal, or incurred a balance inquiry fee at any time during the 180 calendar days before the day the $40 load requirement is fully met. NetSpend has various reload locations where you can visit and load your card. If you have cash, you just give it over the counter, and money is deposited in your prepaid debit card. To find the nearest NetSpend reload location, use the mobile app. It is very accurate. Reloading your Netspend prepaid card is simple and easy. All you need to do is taking your Netspend card and cash you want to reload to the register at Walmart. Walmart does this under its service name, Rapid Reload. Tumblr offers case studies so you can see some real-world examples of how Tumblr advertising works for and benefits different brands. To access case studies at Tumblr, go to http marketr.tumblr.com tagged case-study . This means an entire generation has grown up watching their heroes break barrier after barrier. Millions more saw it done with Project Stratos. Our children are now inculcated in a culture where the act of using flow to do that which has never been done before is actually done all the time. If you were creating a training program for people interested in tackling grand global challenges, you could do a lot worse. T o celebrate Mad Men s sixth-season premiere, GQ announced Happy Mad Men Day! on Tumblr, accompanying the post with a photograph of many of the show s characters indulging in yet another cocktail hour. Here s why it scored more than two thousand notes Getting a handle on mobile activities Note that the first paragraph of text shown in Figure 2-4 bottom is optimized with some of the same search terms that appear in the keyword tag and title tag. Note also the page title above the browser toolbar, which also includes two of the search terms. We talk more about the title metatag in the next section Tipping the scales with the page title metatag .

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