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Jay Leno gives wounded vet a Hellcat joyride…and the car. … Jay Leno sought to do something good to thank a a wounded American veteran for his or her service and sacrifice. Out of a pool of … More veterans are in the market to buy a home than previously expected, according to a new study. But Leno said he and Leberge were quickly able to find common ground in their love of cars, and Leno had just the thing for Leberge a ride in a 2015 Dodge SRT Hellcat. When Leno asked Leberge if … Dodge Challenger Hellcat 2015 Red. A Jay Leno Giveaway Car. This soldier protected our country, so we protected his ride! The client didn t want to have to worry about anything when it came to the exterior of his car. So we wrapped this entire kitty with our self healing clear bra film and then topped it off an extremely slick ceramic coating … Jay teamed up with Chrysler CEO Tim Kuniskis to thank our wounded warriors – and one very lucky Corporal Ethan Laberge – for their heroic service. Subscribe… Description With no internal cost to using the most effective interruptive tool available, the interrupt screens appeared throughout the service. Lots of goods and services were sold. And permission was squandered daily. 15 . http www.adweek.com digital social- media- accounts . Basic analytics tool with graphs and charts While the cover photo dominates your Facebook Page, arguably, it s the profile photo you choose that can have the most influence overall, as it is seen all over the site in the News Feed of followers, in posts on your Page s timeline, in all comment replies, and of course, overlaying your cover photo. The recommended upload size for a profile photo is 180 x 180 pixels, but it is displayed at 160 x 160 on your main profile, and as small as 43 x 43 pixels next to comments. Ideally, the image you choose should be recognizable or at least distinct at this smallest size. The best thing to do is to create a large square image – something like 640 640 pixels or as big as you want, really . When uploaded, it will automatically be scaled down to 160 160, look nice and crisp, and anyone who clicks on your profile photo for a closer look will see the large image in all its glory. As with the cover photo, edit the description of your profile photo to add some relevant blurb and a link to your website or an offer, as a way to reward those curious enough to click it.

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