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The Jungle Book at the Huntington theatre in Boston! Holy crap, you re blowing my mind as Baloo would say. Definitely a must see if you can. StephMathews Saw lush new production of The Jungle Book at The Huntington Theatre last night. A fresh Mowgli, beautiful costumes, even on the musicians. StacyWong8 A Conversation with The Jungle Book s Richard Sherman. An exclusive performance Q A with the legendary Grammy and Academy Award-winning songwriter! Joined by Boston Globe Arts Editor Rebecca Ostriker, Richard Sherman recounts his early days as a songwriter, his lifelong collaboration with his brother Robert B. Sherman , working with Walt Disney, and, of course, the stories behind many of … Songwriter Richard Sherman and his brother Robert had not read Rudyard Kipling s 1894 collection of stories when they were called into a meeting by Walt Disney to contribute to the development of a movie of The Jungle Book.It turns out that neither had any of the other animators or writers on the project. Who is your favorite character from The Jungle Book? I have to say Kaa, because I m playing him, but I love Bagheera because he s patient and smart, and Mowgli, because I think we can all identify with his plight trying to find where he belongs. Avenue of the Arts Huntington Avenue Theatre 264 Huntington Avenue, Boston MA 02115 South … $20 with promo code MILITARY Student 25 years and younger No AA or Zone 1 $20 Section D Zone 4 Huntington Avenue Theatre Last Row Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA Additional discounts may not be applied to section D or Zone 4 seats at the Huntington Avenue Theatre and last row seats at the Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA. $25 Heim wrote this all up in a long essay entitled Remarks on Fatal Falls, which was published in 1892. Historians consider it the first written account of a near-death experience, but that term is misleading. Many of Heim s subjects reported these profoundly altered states without being in actual jeopardy they only thought they were in life-threatening situations. This was a key detail. These experiences seemed mystical. If they only arose solely in dire straights, then perhaps they really were communiqu s from beyond the beyond. Yet if perception and psychology were the triggers, then the puzzle was more physiological than paranormal and that opened the door to considerably more interesting possibilities. Now it was my turn to wave him quiet. Fuck Banks. Even if he got me out tomorrow, it would be too late. My mama is already dead. Whatever content you create for YouTube, a basic standard of quality is essential. At a minimum you should ensure that the video quality is high definition at least 720p , that the audio is clear and balanced, that the lighting is good, and if fitting , you use varying camera angles to add variety and dynamism to the finished product. Viewers rarely expect YouTube content to have Hollywood production values, but watching a person talking down into the tinny microphone of their low-res webcam isn t going to give anybody a good first impression, or reflect well on your brand. If you re serious about videos as a social media tool, consider investing in a decent camera and video editing software, such as Adobe Premier. Include only necessary footage in your videos – don t be afraid to cut – and add transitions, overlays and graphics to help convey your story. Making the most of YouTube cards Cards should be inserted in a contextual manner as a way to help you reach your business goals through video, whilst also providing an enriched experience for the viewer. Up to five cards can be used in any one video. Don t physically point to a card in your video as it may appear differently depending on the viewer s device. Cards work most effectively when they are not placed too close together, so try spacing them throughout your videos at key points. Analyze the performance of cards – and use the date to improve their function – within YouTube Analytics. While the cover photo dominates your Facebook Page, arguably, it s the profile photo you choose that can have the most influence overall, as it is seen all over the site in the News Feed of followers, in posts on your Page s timeline, in all comment replies, and of course, overlaying your cover photo. The recommended upload size for a profile photo is 180 x 180 pixels, but it is displayed at 160 x 160 on your main profile, and as small as 43 x 43 pixels next to comments. Ideally, the image you choose should be recognizable or at least distinct at this smallest size. The best thing to do is to create a large square image – something like 640 640 pixels or as big as you want, really . When uploaded, it will automatically be scaled down to 160 160, look nice and crisp, and anyone who clicks on your profile photo for a closer look will see the large image in all its glory. As with the cover photo, edit the description of your profile photo to add some relevant blurb and a link to your website or an offer, as a way to reward those curious enough to click it.

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