how to control a sweepstakes

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Sweepstakes are free games of chance. Do not send money in advance in order to participate in a sweepstakes It is illegal to require any payment or purchase to enter a sweepstakes or to increase your odds of winning. Do not send money to claim your prize. Set aside a little time each day for entering sweeps. The only way you can win a sweepstake is to enter it. If you really want to have a chance at getting a prize, try to spend at least 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week on sweepstakes. Subscribe to major companies that frequently hold sweepstakes on social media. Sweepstakes Advantage is your 1 tool for winning online contests as it keeps track of all of the active sweepstakes and reminds you about the impending deadlines. It is easy to browse the directory and select the types of contests you would like to enter. Do look carefully at the envelopes of purported sweepstakes mailers. If your entry form or congratulations letter was sent bulk rate, it means a lot of other people got the same mailing. Do hang up on cold calls claiming to be from well-known contests like the Mega Millions lottery or Publishers Clearing House PCH sweepstakes. After you ve verified that your win is legit, record your sweepstakes prize before you forget the details. Your win notification will usually include the information you ll want to track, including the sponsor s name, the sweepstakes name, what you ve won, and the date that the prize is expected to arrive. through real-time stories content responses, 179 If you re on Twitter for any length of time, you may notice that certain famous tweeters and those with the most followers get retweets every time they post something. What follows are some tips for retweeting other people s tweets and also for writing the types of things people will want to retweet Say something people want to share. If you re tweeting links to your food or talking about the weather, your content isn t very shareable. The type of content people share is usually funny, unique, profound, or interesting. Share something others want to share. Don t share for the sake of sharing share because you think an item has interest or value. Before tweeting a quote or link, ask, Will this interest my community enough that they want to share it with others? Think about why you felt compelled to share it and whether your community will feel the same way. Don t write for the retweet. Usually tweets fall flat when people are trying hard to be clever or funny. Retweetable tweets are usually organic and spontaneous, not forced or flat. Don t retweet just because someone famous said something. Many people retweet well-known people in hopes of catching their attention. If you retweet celebrities all the time, it tells your community you don t care about them as much as you do famous people. If the Kardashians have nothing to do with you and your community, and the celebrities aren t saying anything all that great, save your retweet for someone more deserving. Say thank you for retweets. When people retweet something you said or share links to your blog posts, be sure to say thank you. It shows them you appreciate the community effort. Morguefile That s a useful concept, writes Keith Devlin, the mathematician and science author. But if you try to apply it to any one person, you come up with the absurdity of a person with 2.4 children. Averages measure entire populations and often don t apply to individuals. Devlin adds that the BMI, with numerical scores, gives mathematical snake oil the air of scientific authority. It was only seven o clock, but in winter the days are short, if not warm. I went to my room and dressed in the pajamas Big Roy or maybe the church ladies set out for me.

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