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Here s Episode 4 of my Tech Unboxing Haul Series! Another big haul of tech into the studio for the past month! If you were one of the 15 winners from the las… Episode 2 of my Tech Unboxing Haul is here! It s all the tech that I get into the studio from each episode. As always, you can win one of the items from the … if you want a show more FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER http n7beauty last video http 1u5sIU GIVEAWAY http 0gslHR following … Techtober was in full effect with a ton of cool tech to bring to my Unboxing Haul series! We got some really cool tech into the studio over the past couple w… There were still a ton of tech that came in through the past couple months even if we were all isolated. Here s my Spring 2020 Unboxing Haul! To win one of t… NELL takes advantage of the Internet s informal wetware network its users. CMU invites the public to get online and help train NELL by analyzing her knowledge database and correcting her mistakes. Now, it is an anthropomorphic fallacy to conclude that a superintelligent AI will not like humans, and that it will be homicidal, like the Hal 9000 from the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey, Skynet from the Terminator movie franchise, and all the other malevolent machine intelligences represented in fiction. We humans anthropomorphize all the time. A hurricane isn t trying to kill us any more than it s trying to make sandwiches, but we will give that storm a name and feel angry about the buckets of rain and lightning bolts it is throwing down on our neighborhood. We will shake our fist at the sky as if we could threaten a hurricane. Don t underestimate how much time social media marketing can take. After you re comfortable with Facebook and if they fit Twitter or LinkedIn, it s okay to start with just one or two minor sites and slowly add services over time. Passes Link Juice Step 2 Assess the Cost Determine the monthly cost for each, including all associated taxes and insurance. Three cars $2,000 House $5,000 Cabin $1,000 Travel $1,000 Private School $1,000 Lifestyle Cost $10,000 month

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