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Bought a batch of e-codes for a certain online music provider and most of them were bad previously redeemed or invalid codes . They reluctantly and slowly refunded for most of them but not all. A horrible experience and they never really seemed to take responsibility for any of it. 30 reviews for Giftcard Zen, 3.9 stars I use several gift card sites, some I like, there is one that I will never use again never even got my gift card and this one, Giftcard Zen, was amazing so far on my first transaction. I ordered, got a confirmation email, and an email with my gift card link all 3 emails time-stamped the exact same minute. That was the fastest I have ever received a … COMPANY Gift Card Zen WEBSITE TYPE Online Retailer – Gift Card Resale ADDRESS 104 N. Agassiz St. Unit 760, Flagstaff, AZ 86002 TWITTER GiftCardZen CEO Aaron Dragushan TWITTER dragushan I placed 6 orders, for 6 gift cards, on 1 24 18 my credit card was charged approximately $400.00, total. I was told that Zen s records showed the card was perfectly legitimate and that henceforth I should ask the folks at Rubios to enter the card s 19-digit number by hand into the card reader. So… the next time we went to Rubio s I asked the cashier to enter the number manually. BBB Scam Tracker. Find Your Local BBB. Get to Know Your BBB Team. … Giftcard Zen. Gift Cards. Multi Location Business Find locations. Business Profile. Giftcard Zen. 101 N 1st Ave Ste 3000. Optimize blog images to make an impact on Facebook Residence Inn, 244 , 246 247 The halting problem is a real issue to programmers, who may not discover until their programs are running that an infinite loop lies hidden in the code. And an interesting thing about the halting problem is that it s impossible to create a program that determines if the program you ve written has the halting problem. That diagnostic debugger sounds plausible, but none other than Alan Turing discovered it is not and he discovered it before there were computers or programming . He said the halting problem is unsolvable because if the debugger encounters a halting problem in the target program, it will succumb to the infinite loop while analyzing it, and never determine if the halting problem was there. You, the programmer, would be waiting for it to come up with the answer for the same amount of time you d wait for the original program to halt. That is, a very long time, perhaps forever. Marvin Minsky, one of the fathers of artificial intelligence, pointed out that any finite-state machine, if left completely to itself, will fall eventually into a perfectly periodic repetitive pattern. The duration of this repeating pattern cannot exceed the number of internal states of the machine. Translated, that means a computer of average memory, while running a program with a halting problem, would take a very long time to fall into a pattern of repetition, which could then be detected by a diagnostic program. How long? Longer than the universe will exist, for some programs. So, for practical purposes, the halting problem means it is impossible to know whether any given program will finish. Fathers don t have a turn, he said, batting it back in my direction. Now imagine the same airport, but it s three in the afternoon and you re late for your flight. The terminal is crowded with people, all jostling for position. You ve been approached five times by various faux charities on your way to the gate, and to top it all off you ve got a headache.

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