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Welcome to Intel Gamer Days 2020, a U.S. exclusive event featuring great deals and discounts on Intel Core powered PCs and processors bundles. Whether you re shopping for a complete new gaming PC, or a powerful upgrade to bring your system up-to-date, Intel Gamer Days has you covered. Windows 10 Home, 64-bit 15.6-inch Full HD display Intel Core i7-9750H 16GB memory 512GB SSD NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Boost your knowledge of Intel processors and technologies with engaging trainings, in-depth articles, and helpful resources. EARN. Collect Badges, participate in promotions, and enter prize draws! CONNECT. Ask questions, share your tips, and connect with your fellow professional retail sales reps. SELL. We ve got everything you need … Intel Core i9-10900K NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super Epic 240 Supercooler 16GB DDR4 Memory 512GB Intel 660p M.2 NVME 2TB HDD With more people gaming than ever before, Intel is teaming up with leading PC manufacturers and retailers to offer some of the best PC deals of the year. The third-annual Intel Gamer Days kicks off Aug. 28 and continues through Sept. 6. Also, for the first time, Intel is taking Gamer Days international with deals open to gamers in 10 countries. Use hashtags to encourage engagement and conversation In 1989, Lesser and McDougall returned, with Doug Ammons as their third. This time no helicopter. The team was attempting the first self-supported expedition through the canyon. It was a big bet. Without a chopper in tow, if they got into trouble, the closest help was easily a mountain range away. Globalization s power was first demonstrated in the stock markets ten years ago, in July 1997, with the onset of the Asian financial crisis. Within days, all of the region s emerging markets were affected The ultimate threat to human survival is global warming and climate change. The habitats of millions, maybe billions, of people may be damaged The scramble for the riches under the ice is on If sea levels rise to inundate many millions of people, and if glaciers in the Himalayas, Tibet, and the Andes melt away, leaving more millions without enough water, there will be no life as usual. 15 Digital Magazines Charges for Promoted Pins are based on a cost per click CPC . As usual, you specify a daily budget, duration, and a CPC bid. You re charged only when someone clicks from your Promoted Pin to your website.

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