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Best Free Sweepstakes Giveaways 2021. Table of Contents. Win $500 DAILY in this FREE Giveaway! Win $150,000 Free Instant Win Sweepstake! Enter this Free Cash Sweepstake to Win $5,000! Are You a Mom? Enter this Cash Giveaway to Win $5,000! Win $10,000 per Month for LIFE! Free Writing Contests Through 2022 53-Word Story Contest. Prize Publication, a free book from Press 53. Deadline Frequent writing contests deadline is 15th of each month. Sponsor Prime Number Magazine. Description Submit a 53-word story based on a prompt. No prize beyond publication. Best Free Writing Contest 2021 for a massive prize The Cesar Egido Serrano Foundation Flash Fiction Competition is an enormous beast. Run from Spain, but entries allowed in English, this contest pays out an incredible $20,000 to the winner. Of course it is also free to enter. Jack Daniel s 2021 Trip to Nashville Sweepstakes Why you should enter If you love Nashville, need a vacation or have always wanted to visit Jack Daniel s Distillery, this sweepstakes is right up… Total Sweepstakes 970 Last Updated 2021-07-02 13 56 Good luck to you, I hope you win some of these sweepstakes. If you like this list please share it If you enter a zip code or city, the search results will automatically be set to a 15-mile radius. Thoughtless timing The Super Bowl in 2013 featured the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. Kit Kat launched this post at 6 A.M. Eastern Standard Time. In general, a 6 A.M. post is going to underindex because it only hits the early risers. Now, there were probably plenty of Ravens fans checking Facebook as they muddled through their early-morning routines, so it surely wasn t a complete loss. But what about the 49ers fans in San Francisco? It was 3 A.M . in their time zone when this post went live. Three o clock in the morning has to be the single worst time you could post anything on social media. Even the people working two jobs to make ends meet are sleeping at 3 A.M . Hell, I m sleeping at 3 A.M. when my infant son lets me . No one on the West Coast was watching when Kit Kat posted this status update. This is a great example of how a brand s poor understanding of the psychology and behaviors of social media users can weaken their best efforts. In this case, it s a real shame, because Kit Kat s performance is so strong in this arena, other companies should be modeling their jabs after it. Fourteen percent of the consumers enrolled in the promotion actually bought something. And many of them were shopping online for the first time ever. It was bullshit and I knew it was bullshit, but something about his little soliloquy stuck in my throat like a fish bone. The ability to write interesting prose for printed media, and natural dialogue for television.

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