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All users are subjected to our Privacy Statement and agree to be bound by our Terms of Service. 2016 All rights reserved. epay provides everything you need to be a prepaid destination for your customers. Our product portfolio includes the most popular gift cards such as Amazon and iTunes as well as prepaid reloadable debit cards, open loop gift cards, mobile phone top-ups and more. There are many merchandising display options for stores of all sizes. With global distribution expertise spanning over 300K retail locations across 50 countries, epay handles all phases of the prepaid product distribution value chain, whether physical or digital. Why epay? epay provides a turnkey gift card hosting service including issuing, redemption and consumer facing white-label sites, all hosted on our fast … 2020 PaySpot, LLC dba epay North America, a Division of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. All rights reserved. The Gift Card. ePay will build a personalized gift card program for retailers to be marketed directly to consumers. Your personalized gift card can only be used in your store and therefore locks in customer expenditure to your cash register. And you can offer rewards, cash back and other offers to purchases made by gift cards as an additional … – Well-framed, good composition ASMALLWORLD UNSTUCK IN TIME T HE P ERSONAL R ELATIONSHIP L EVEL Quixotic as this scheme may sound, MIRI and CFAR have their fingers on an important factor in AI risk. The Singularity is trending high, and Singularity issues will come to the attention of more and smarter people. A window for education about AI risk is starting to open. But any plan to create an advisory board or governing body over AI is already too late to avoid some kinds of disasters. As I mentioned in chapter 1, at least fifty-six countries are developing robots for the battlefield. At the height of the U.S. occupation of Iraq, three Foster-Miller SWORDS machine gun-wielding robot drones were removed from combat after they allegedly pointed their guns at friendlies. In 2007 in South Africa, a robotic antiaircraft gun killed nine soldiers and wounded fifteen in an incident lasting an eighth of a second .

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