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The ChampCar Endurance Series was founded as ChumpCar with the goal of offering affordable endurance racing to everyone. Their first race was hosted at Portland International Raceway in October of 2009. Since then, ChampCar has grown and evolved and will offer 48 races across 27 race weekends for the 2021 season. iRacing are currently offering 50 off all new memberships meaning you can save as much as $100 by signing up for a 2 year plan. If that seems a bit too long, no problem 1 year at $55 is a great deal 1 year of iRacing at $55 is a pretty great deal! Also, it might be useful to know about these iRacing promo discount codes We have a very large inventory of all products we carry. Porterfield is very pleased to offer all Active NASA members a discount on the brake pads we carry. Porterfield brand 20 , Raybestos and PFC 10 , Hawk 15 , Pagid 5 . Give Porterfield a call with your NASA Member Number handy to get your discount! 949-548-4470. 6hr Endurance Race Info. Endurance Entry $349 – If you ve entered 2 days in any other group during the weekend, this is the Enduro entry for you! $449 – If you re ONLY racing the Enduro, and no other Race or TT sessions all weekend, this is the entry for you. Enduro Test Sessions Subaru Motorsports USA is the U.S. competition arm of Subaru, with the mission of testing and proving the capabilities of Subaru vehicles in stage rally, rallycross, record attempts, desert racing and more. Since its inception in 2001 as Subaru Rally Team USA, the team has won more than 100 rally and rallycross events and 12 of the last 13 U.S. national rally championships. www.newsvine.com Yeah. Fastlaners understand that time is the gas tank of life. When the gas tank runs dry, life ends. Time is the greatest asset you own, not money, not the 1969 restored Mustang, not grandpa s old coin collection. Time. The fact is all of us are on a sinking ship. Is your time treated as such? Is it treated fairly or carelessly? Or is your primordial fuel squandered as if the tank will never run empty? Before? Google X was a stealth company. The secret Silicon Valley laboratory was initially headed by AI expert and developer of Google s self-driving car, Sebastian Thrun. It is focused on one hundred moon-shot projects such as the Space Elevator, which is essentially a scaffolding that would reach into space and facilitate the exploration of our solar system. Also onboard at the stealth facility is Andrew Ng, former director of Stanford University s Artificial Intelligence Lab, and a world-class roboticist.

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