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Math Manipulatives Reading Resources – Didax Educational Resources. Teaching with Manipulatives. Short, online courses to help you master your manipulatives Learn More. Shop by Grade. PreK. K. 1. 2. 3. Virtual Manipulatives. Free to use browser-based manipulatives. Our ad-free Virtual Manipulatives are a great way to enhance at-home learning. Simply drag the manipulatives into position to see math concepts come alive! Instructions Here are simple instructions on how to use some of these Virtual Manipulatives. Access Here. December brings tons of giveaways that are a take on the 12 Days of Christmas. Come back daily to enter the contests SCROLL and keep scrolling for the ever increasing list! Classroom Friendly Supplies has a super fun 12 Days Giveaway. Each day requ… Teachers get 20 percent off with verification. 7. Vooks. Vooks is a platform for ad-free animated storybooks, and as a teacher, you get your first year free. 8. Apple. At the Apple Education Store, teachers can get up to $200 off on computers and accessories. 9. Cheap Caribbean. Adobe Teachers and students can get over 60 off on Adobe products, all year long. Amazon Teachers with an .edu email address can enjoy an Amazon Student membership for free for six months. Similar to Amazon Prime, teachers will get free 2-day shipping, textbook discounts and more. A job is like sitting in the bed of a pickup truck. You re exposed to the harsh elements while the driver of the truck sits comfortably in the driver s seat. And if the ride gets rough? You get jacked around or worse, tossed overboard. There is no control sitting in the back of a pickup truck, and to have this strategy at the heart of your financial plan is asinine. If you don t control your income, you don t control your financial plan . If you don t control your financial plan, you don t control your freedom. Turn Your Back to Farting Headwinds Decide whether to let Snapchat upload your contacts. Chapter Eight The photo We see a beautiful bag, and a clear set of steps to follow to enter the Pin to Win contest. It shows creative, aggressive initiative to gamify pins and asks customers to take a social action in exchange for the opportunity to win something. The game feels authentic to the platform.

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