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that that girl was in that house. She said please help me get out! Dead giveaway, dead giveaway . So I opened the door, we can t get in that way. a body can t fit through the door, only your hand. So we kick-kicked the bottom. Dead Giveaway is a remix of a interview with Charles Ramsey, the person who freed three girls from captivity after being held for 9 years. Expand Ask us a question about this song Lyrics to DEAD GIVEAWAY by HERO CHARLES RAMSEY REMIX I knew somethin was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man s arms dead giveaway, dead giveaway my neighbor got big ! s cause we see this dude everyday Charles Ramsey melodically recounts the day he helped rescue 3 kidnapped Cleveland women. For More Great Videos go to The usage of got is really quite complicated when we still didn t get the hang of it. You will understand it by analysing the context, not always got is the past of get , it is sometimes the coloquial way to say have has , you need to be careful when reading some sentence that there is a got in it. Our lawyer, friend of my family but paid handsomely just the same, promised me that I wasn t going to lose my man. Uncle Banks made motions, filed papers, and objected. But still, Roy slept behind bars one hundred nights before he was brought to trial. For one month, I remained in Louisiana, living with my in-laws, sleeping in the room that could have saved us this trouble. I waited and I sewed. I called Andre. I called my parents. When I sent the mayor his doll, I couldn t bring myself to seal the flaps on the sturdy cardboard box. Big Roy did it for me and the memory of ripping tape troubled my sleep that night and many nights to come. The end result is permission from the consumer and the beginning of a long-term permission relationship. For example, mark an event on an activity timeline when you start a blog or Twitter campaign. Plot business metrics over time, particularly sales revenues, number of transactions, and net new customers. Related to the tactic above, Facebook s custom lists feature allows you to target status updates to customized groups of people who are also connected to you as friends. Again, these shouldn t be promotional or commercial in nature, but perhaps stuff like news and events occurring within your industry that only a specific portion of your friend list would be interested in Diving into Insights detail pages

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