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British Airways Executive Club – WhatsApp Scam BA Ticket giveaway – Apologies if this has been posted already. I got forwarded a WhatsApp scam from my wife just now. I can only assume it s doing the rounds. Text of the message is British Airways Giving 2000 Free Business Class Tickets.. Get your free tickets at A fake giveaway is circulating on Facebook, offering free tickets to British Airways or Emirates flights. The scam spreads through the same link, shared in News Feeds. Fig 1. Emirates Facebook scam. Fig 2. British Airways scam post. The scam page claims that British Airways or Emirates whichever page loads in your browser is giving away free … Airline Ticket Giveaway Scam Airlines are not giving away free tickets or spending money to Facebook users who share and like a page. Those offers are a form of online scam. British Airways 42 Facebook scam for free tickets. … you should always cross check a page when it comes to free giveaways. Above is a screenshot of the new British Airways 42 Facebook scam in … Arguably, the airline scam you are most likely to encounter is the fake airline ticket giveaway social media page. There must be thousands of examples out there, and you may have even clicked and shared one or two, you know, just in case. Take the American Airline or Qantas Airline I know, right!? free-tickets-for-shares Facebook pages. REI is one of our all-time favorite brands. And not because its products are amazing which they are , but because everything the company does, big or small, tells its story. It is a story of authenticity and caring. To create an on-demand geofilter for your brand, you have to use Snapchat s website not the app at on-demand . Then the learning starts. Goertzel plans to grow the AI in a virtual computer-generated world, such as Second Life, a process of reinforcement learning that could take years. Like others building cognitive architectures, Goertzel believes intelligence must be embodied, in a vaguely humanlike way, even if its body exists in a virtual world. Then this infant intelligent agent will be able to grow a collection of facts about the world it inhabits. In its learning phase, which Goertzel models on psychologist Jean Piaget s theories of child development, the infant OpenCog might supplement what it knows by accessing one of several commercial commonsense databases. LACOSTE Interrupting Its Own Conversation

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