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Gift Cards. Gift Cards are available at all locations and can be purchased in any increment of $10 and up. They are great gifts for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion. Jacket. Cool fall days will feel a little warmer in the B-Bop s jacket. Hop in the convertible or on your Harley and zip on over to B-Bop s to show off your new jacket. Now B-Bop s is More Than Just Drive-Thru. You may know B-Bop s as a drive-thru restaurant, but now we have multiple dine-in locations as well. At B-Bop s, you can either roll down your windows and enjoy the carefree music of an era gone by or sit in our retro dining area to be surrounded by a golden era. Get email updates. Get all of the hot fresh news about B-Bop s delivered fast to your inbox Get email updates. Get all of the hot fresh news about B-Bop s delivered fast to your inbox gift cards gear contact us home. menu nutrition. locations. jobs. about us. gift cards gear. contact us. 1 4 lb. Cheeseburger. All of B-Bop s cheeseburgers are made from 100 pure ground beef and include catsup, mustard, onion, pickle, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on a toasted bun with American cheese. Hsieh, Tony, 18 , 19 Eventually, Dr. Mike Gervais was brought in to help. In a testament to both how good our sports psychology techniques have become and how high a level of mental fortitude our top athletes now possess, it took three days for Baumgartner to get his phobia under control. When Felix walked off the project, says Walshe, it was the darkest moment in his life. But a phobia that s deeply rooted fear. To face that, to come back, to trust strangers with his life, to put himself back into position to do something no one else had ever conceived of? I ve seen plenty of astounding feats of human performance, but emotionally, Felix s journey is the farthest I ve ever seen an athlete come. Some of the types of businesses and professionals that regularly use Facebook Live follow News organizations Many newspapers, broadcasters, and other news organizations go live with breaking news updates, interviews, and event coverage. Teachers Educators use Facebook Live to share homework tips, read books, and share learning experiences. Fitness and sports coaches Physical fitness professionals are sharing fitness tips and workout demos. Musicians Entertainers are using Facebook Live to perform. Product manufacturers Manufacturers are sharing demos, product information, and even behind the scenes looks at their factories. Bloggers Facebook Live is a terrific extension of a blog many bloggers use it to share their passion and communicate their readers. Entertainment venues Local theaters use Facebook Live to share backstage secrets and introduce performers. Restaurants Chefs use Facebook Live to put up cooking demonstrations or to show how popular dishes are assembled. Retail chains Shops and stores use Facebook Live to live stream sales events, give product demos, and share news and promotional information. Charitable events Charities and causes are using Facebook Live to stream 5Ks, for basket auctions, and to show viewers how and where funds are need and allocated. And for you and me, this is all very good news. A feel-good sweet spot for flow that only requires a 4 percent increase in effort? Seriously, who can t push 4 percent further than the last time around? Or, for that matter, clarify goals or tighten feedback loops? It s not too difficult to keep flow s internal triggers in mind when you re chugging through your daily routine. Unlike flow s external triggers which are admittedly harder to pull without being an action and adventure sport athlete these internal triggers are strategies accessible to any and all. In fact, the only real problem is how deceptively ordinary these strategies appear. It s okay, she said at last. It s okay, baby. I m safe.

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