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500 subscribers Youtube channel giveaway ended May 19, 2020. March 13, 2021. Other. Hello good people, Today EpicGameTech Youtube channel has reached 500 subscribers! For some, it might seem it s quite a small achievement, but for us, it s a really exciting milestone! I want to thank all of you guys and I m giving away Windows 10 Pro … I m so excited about this growing community! I just recently passed the 500 subscriber mark so I announce a bible giveaway as my way of saying thank you.To E… 500 Subscribers YouTube GIVEAWAY. February 2, 2018 12 Comments. What better way to say thank you than to host a YouTube Giveaway! Right? Our YouTube Journey has been an incredible one so far. 7 months in, 36 videos and 500 Subscribers! We had TWO THINGS in mind when we started our channel … To say thank you to all of our subscribers we have announced the prize for the 500 subscriber giveaway. The prize will be a 2021 22 Premier League Jersey of your choice but of course we have to get to 500 first so SUBSCRIBE and SHARE with all your friends and family especially the not woke and not p Thank you so much! We passed 500 in late May and now we are already at 861 subscribers as of writing this ! It s been so great talking to you guys, answeri… As one TripAdvisor Destination Expert commented, My bugbear is when people throw a towel over one of the highly sought-after sun lounges cabanas, and then go AWOL. 7 Live Streaming with Periscope Just as the popularity of a meme comes and goes, so do real-life photo trends. Photobombing and selfies are trends that look like they are here to stay, but others like whaling and owling burnt out as quickly as they arrived. Nevertheless, all of these trends can be taken advantage of in order to boost engagement in your own content strategy, whether you take the photos yourself or encourage your fans to, so that you can share their efforts on your social profiles. For example, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Australia encourages visitors to take selfies with some of the animals within the park, which it then features on its Facebook and Instagram profiles. One has got to get over the temptation of the news media capturing one s soul. Never mind what the news media say. 20 Omohundro is too optimistic to throw around terms like catastrophic or annihilation, but his analysis of AI s risks yields the spookiest conclusions I d heard of yet. He does not believe, as many theorists do, that there are a nearly infinite number of possible advanced AIs, some of them safe. Instead, he concludes that without very careful programming, all reasonably smart AIs will be lethal.

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