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Silverleaf Resorts. – I won the $49,000 Cash Giveaway. I was real excited when I found out I had won the drawing I had entered at the Dallas Women s Expo in Irving. I was given a day to come into the resort, but later had to cancel because of work, and they wanted to reschedule. The card says that Hale is an official prizewinner but doesn t say what his prize is. The contest name mentions luxury cars and $49,000 cash. But that doesn t mean everyone wins what is in the title. Silverleaf Resorts spokeswoman Sandra Paredes says there have been 20 top winners in the last six years. The main prizes advertised were $49,000 cash or a new car. I went on this site after receiving an excessive amount of calls from Silverleaf and saw all the terrible reviews of Silverleaf s resorts. Their phone calls were made to set up a time when I could come claim my prize after a 90-minute tour of their facilities. One letter was SilverLeaf Resort pre-qualified for a loan for a time share letter a few days ago, then today AVC Travel titled $49,000 Cash Giveawy . I tear up recycle the paper, even though yes, I entered the drawing at Houston s Italian Festival at the St Thomas campus to the nice lady who presented complimentary tickets to The Improv. See 2 tips from 3 visitors to SilverLeaf Resorts. Enter to Win Your Dream Car… or $49000 Cash. Calculate your CCA over six months to a year to smooth out unique events. Alternatively, compute rolling averages taking an average over several months at a time, adjusting the start date each month January through March, February through April, March through May, and so on to create a better picture of what s going on. Avoid automated submission services or scripts. The safest way to participate in social bookmarking is the old-fashioned way individually, by hand. I m here. Don t let setting priorities among niches paralyze you. Your choice of niches usually doesn t matter. If you aren t sure, go first for what seems to be the biggest market or the easiest one to reach. Chapter 2

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